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Designed for men who are on-the-go, arena’s sportswear collection has a selection of athleisure pieces, training garments, and team wear to support all of life’s activities. Fitted for functionality, the tops, bottoms, shorts, jackets, and accessories have a contemporary style and range of timeless colours. Whether you’re at home, the gym, or the pool deck - we’ve got you covered with breathable fabrics and lightweight performance gear!

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  1. Men's Spacer Pants
    Men's Spacer Pants
    As low as NOK724.00
  2. Men's Hooded Spacer Reversible Full Zip Jacket
  3. Men's Back Pocket Shorts
    Men's Back Pocket Shorts
    As low as NOK500.00
  4. Men's Training Tee
    Men's Training Tee
    As low as NOK387.00
  5. Men's Front Panel T-Shirt
    Men's Front Panel T-Shirt
    As low as NOK449.00
  6. F/Z Jacket Team
    F/Z Jacket Team
    As low as NOK600.00 Regular Price NOK747.00
  7. arena Avnier Jersey Tee
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Jersey Tee
    As low as NOK373.10 Regular Price NOK533.00
  8. arena Avnier Button Pants
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Button Pants
    As low as NOK1,270.50 Regular Price NOK1,815.00
  9. arena Avnier Hooded F/Z Jacket
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Hooded F/Z Jacket
    As low as NOK1,865.50 Regular Price NOK2,665.00
  10. arena Avnier Windbreaker
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Windbreaker
    As low as NOK1,344.00 Regular Price NOK1,920.00
  11. arena Avnier Sweat Spacer
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Sweat Spacer
    As low as NOK969.50 Regular Price NOK1,385.00
  12. arena Avnier Sweat Fleece
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Sweat Fleece
    As low as NOK745.50 Regular Price NOK1,065.00
  13. arena Avnier Ls Shirt
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Ls Shirt
    As low as NOK819.00 Regular Price NOK1,170.00
  14. arena Avnier Sleeveless Shirt
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Sleeveless Shirt
    As low as NOK374.50 Regular Price NOK535.00
  15. arena Avnier Jammer+Short
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Jammer+Short
    As low as NOK672.00 Regular Price NOK960.00
  16. Te Hoody Sweat
    Te Hoody Sweat
    As low as NOK612.00
  17. Printed Reusable Face Mask
    Printed Reusable Face Mask
    As low as NOK110.00
  18. Men's A-One Side Split Short
    Men's A-One Side Split Short
    As low as NOK561.00
  19. Slogan Face Mask
    Slogan Face Mask
    As low as NOK140.00
  20. Pant Team
    Pant Team
    As low as NOK500.00 Regular Price NOK640.00
  21. Te Fleece Pants
    Te Fleece Pants
    As low as NOK490.00
  22. Te Full Zip Jacket
    Te Full Zip Jacket
    As low as NOK650.00
  23. Men's Slim Stretch Pants
    Men's Slim Stretch Pants
    As low as NOK674.00
  24. Men's Rib Insert Full Zip Jacket
  25. Unisex Te T-Shirt
    Unisex Te T-Shirt
    As low as NOK275.00
  26. Men's Full Zip Jacket
    Men's Full Zip Jacket
    As low as NOK459.00 Regular Price NOK650.00