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How to choose the right men’s swimsuit for you

arena - how to choose men's swimweararena - how to choose men's swimwear

Men’s swimsuits: what styles are available?

A training suit should be very comfortable. Here are the distinctive features of arena products!

A training suit is an accessory used every day, however far and whatever stoke you swim. That means it must be perfectly comfortable, even during the toughest training sessions. arena has considered the needs of all swimmers and designed various styles:

  • Classic briefs measuring up to 7 cm;
  • Shorts between 17-31 cm in length;
  • Jammers between 35-45 cm in length.

Choosing a men’s training suit

How do you choose the right men’s swimsuit for you? Here are three things you need to bear in mind.



There are different lengths to choose from according to your needs, but your own preference is always the key factor. If you want your legs to feel free and really feel the water, then the ideal choice are low-waisted shorts or briefs. If, on the other hand, you want to cover up more, then you can opt for knee-length jammers.

  • Competitive swimmers prefer briefs or low-waisted shorts both for comfort and looks: these styles really focus on your lower abs.
  • Masters swimmers generally opt for shorts for reasons of comfort and for the extra leg-support they provide.
  • Younger swimmers generally prefer the extremes: either briefs or jammers so they look like their favourite champions.
arena men's swimweararena men's swimwear

The choice of fabric depends on how own you train:

  • If you are an occasional swimmer (or go to the pool less than twice-a-week) choose a swimsuit made of MaxFit fabric that is extremely soft and comfortable against the skin due to the spandex (Lycra) it contains, which gives you a great feel in the water.
  • If you are a regular swimmer (twice-a-week or more) or if you train hard, choose a swimsuit made of MaxLife fabric made from a special blend of very high-quality polyester that contains no spandex and has incredibly high resistance to chlorine, scratching and pilling.



If you are looking for a high-performance swimsuit, the special «ONE» range is designed in a completely new way. These swimsuits are made of just one piece of fabric and are only stitched at the back. No side stitching means greater freedom of movement and ensures the swimsuit last longer.



Lastly, personal preference is the most important factor in choosing a men’s swimsuit. Choose between plain colours, panels or patterns in your favourite colour, so you feel more energised at the poolside and are not afraid to show off your personality in the water!

Men’s training suits: at the pool or on the beach


Do you want to wear your training suit on the beach, too? Well, you can! But remember, you need to look after it the same way you do when you wear it at the pool:

  • hand rinse it thoroughly in cold water with just a little soft soap;
  • do not put it in a washing machine or dryer;
  • leave it to dry outdoors away from the sunlight or direct heat sources;
  • do not leave your wet swimsuit in your kit bag or any other zipped bag;
  • keep it away from body lotions or creams that could damage the elastic fibre.

Nevertheless, wearing a beach swimsuit at the pool may not be very comfortable. A tightfitting swimsuit is more comfortable during training sessions than Bermuda or beach shorts that let water in more easily and slow you down. Beach swimsuits will also hamper your swim technique and might cause nasty irritations or chaffing by the inside stitching in contact with your skin.

If you are looking for a swimsuit that adapts to both occasions, we suggest training jammers that are more comfortable and cover you better.