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Arena’s training equipment is intentionally constructed and designed to help you train smarter and more efficiently. Intended to support you during your toughest workouts, the collection of swim goggles, swim caps, training tools, footwear, bags, bathrobes, and towels offers long-lasting quality. Customize your look with the variety of colors and patterns that all of our training equipment comes in!

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  1. Icons Bathrobe Icons Bathrobe
  2. Big Logo Hooded Poncho Big Logo Hooded Poncho
    From $45.00 $45.00
  3. Elite Hand Paddle II Elite Hand Paddle II
  4. Aquaforce Wave Cap Aquaforce Wave Cap
  5. Pool Smar Plus Poncho Pool Smar Plus Poncho
  6. Urban Slide Sandals Urban Slide Sandals
  7. 3D Soft Cap
  8. 3D Ultra Cap
    From $8.00 $20.00
  9. Icons Hooded Poncho Icons Hooded Poncho
  10. Core Soft Bathrobe Core Soft Bathrobe
  11. Powerfin Pro - Team Colors Powerfin Pro - Team Colors
  12. Powerfin Pro Powerfin Pro
  13. Pride Powerfin Pro Pride Powerfin Pro
  14. Vortex Evolution Hand Paddle
  15. Elite Hand Paddle