arena pre and post performance compression apparel



Prepare for your hardest swim, recover from it faster and prevent injuries while you're on the pool deck. Introducing the first line of compression gear designed specifically for swimmers.
Athlete-tested designs integrating arena's carbon fibre technology with strategic silicone taping for enhanced compression and support where intensive swimmers need it most.
Wear pre and post performance to warm up effectively and recover quickly from fatigue.

The new kit for maximum care of your body out of the pool.



Wear carbon compression gear before training or racing for optimal performance. Their unique construction is designed to accelerate blood flow to muscles and prime your body for swimming.


Carbon compression gear supports muscles and increases blood flow before and after training and races with a design targeting critical injury areas for swimmers Reduce the risk of injury by effectively preparing your body for competition and recovering quickly from intense swimming.


Post performance, carbon compression gear speeds up the recovery of fatigued muscles by accelerating the supply of oxygenated blood and flushing out toxins from the bloodstream. Testing shows that carbon compression shirts and tights significantly reduce recovery time after racing or training.



arena pre and post performance compression apparel

Silicone taping on shoulders muscles for added compression and stability of injury-prone areas.


UPF factor of 50+ protects against harmful UV rays.


Wicking system that keeps you cool and dry.


Panels in knit Sensitive® Sculpt fabric provide optimal muscle support and ultimate comfort.


Highly resistant to pilling and extremely durable.


Carbon fabric for intelligent compression and therapeutic blood circulation.

arena pre and post performance compression apparel

Second skin design with zero stitching and ultra-flat lightweight fabrics.


Flock lined hems ensure a perfect fit.


Strategically-placed laser-cut holes for maximum ventilation.


Silicone taping on calf muscles for added compression and stability of injury-prone areas.


Flock lined hems ensure a perfect fit.


arena powerskin carbon compression women rangearena powerskin carbon compression women range


arena powerskin carbon compression men rangearena powerskin carbon compression men range



In a two-year study conducted by the School of Biotechnology & Motor Sciences at Bologna University, the effectiveness of arena’s range of recovery compression garments was compared to a normal recovery cycle without compression aids. The tests involved taking physiological measurements (e.g. blood pressure, heart rate variability) on a group of proficient swimmers both with and without the aid of compression garments after having swum 400m freestyle at maximum effort. These measurements revealed that while blood pressure under normal circumstances drops to around 90/50 mmHG after the intense exertion of the swim, wearing compression garments significantly reduces this low blood pressure effect, particularly in the first hour of recovery, when readings were on average more than 15% closer to normal than without the compression garment. Heart rate variability readings similarly showed that the body recovers far quicker with the compression garment, returning to near-normal some 20-30 minutes before a swimmer without the garment.

Collectively, the findings confirmed that arena’s recovery compression garments provide significant support to the body’s post-exercise stabilizing action, speeding up recovery by as much as 20 minutes – a 30% improvement. For a swimmer competing in multiple events, getting the body back to normal as soon as possible after a swim, and ready to perform at its best, is a fundamental (if not critical) aspect of race preparation, and can undoubtedly make the difference between ending up on the podium and not.

What is arena Pre & Post Performance Compression apparel?
A unique range of vitalizing compression garments designed specifically to provide physiological benefits to swimmers both before and after high-level activity, be it racing or training. These garments are supported by scientific evidence.

What do they do?
They provide focused support and compression to specific areas of the body, namely the arms, shoulders and calves, helping swimmers prepare better for racing, while accelerating the recovery process during race day or following training.

How do they work?
By applying graduated compression to specific muscle groups, blood flow is accelerated, providing more oxygenated blood to tired or traumatized muscles, thus accelerating the recovery process. In addition to this, they apply high focused pressure on swimmer specific muscle groups, providing extra support to tired muscles, which in turn helps prevent injury and muscle fatigue.

Is there any scientific proof to suggest they work?
Yes, an independent study was conducted with a multitude of swimmers, all wearing the arena pre & post recovery compression, with proof that the garments help reduce recovery time under race day conditions. An account of this study can be found here.

When should I wear the compression garments?
The suits can be worn before a race, in between heats and following the race (or training session), without conflicting with the swimmer’s regime.

How long do I need to wear them for each time?
Scientific evidence suggests that the garments should be worn for a minimum of 2/3 hours in order to obtain the full recovery benefits. However, they can be worn for longer periods of time, it’s down to personal preference.

Do I need to wear both the top and the pants?
You don’t have to wear both items at the same time, it isn’t mandatory. The science behind the compression garments however, concludes that both items should be worn in order to obtain the maximum recovery benefits.

Is the Carbon incorporated in to the garments the same as that used in the arena Powerskin Carbon Race Range?
Yes, it is the same carbon fibre. We use the carbon together with the woven fabric in order to achieve strong and consistent compression.

Can I fly/travel wearing the compression garments?
Yes, they can be worn while travelling. The trousers in particular can help stimulate blood flow through the greater saphenous vein.

Can I sleep whilst wearing the compression garments?
Yes, you can sleep in them during the recovery process, which is a recommended minimum of 2 to 3 hours.

Can I wear them during activities such as running or biking?
These garments were designed and developed for passive recovery. They are not designed for active use.

Who wears them?
Many top swimmers and federations are currently using our compression garments, including Chad le Clos and Katinka Hosszú.

Can I wear them with other items?
Esthetically appealing you will most likely prefer to wear them on their own, but thanks to being fully bonded, they can be worn comfortably with other items.

How are they different to other compression garments on the market?
Our compression garments were tested on and designed specifically for swimmers. They are made from a woven fabric, are fully bonded and incorporate our cutting-edge carbon technology, delivering powerful compression. See chart below for more unique features and benefits.

How should I care for them?
In order to ensure that your Arena garment provides you with the best possible performance for a long time to come, we recommend you take the following precautions:

• Wash with detergents suitable for delicate clothes;
• Do not expose your garment to direct sunlight;
• Air-dry away from heat sources.

Follow the washing instructions given on your product label. The label provides useful symbols giving information on how to take best care of it.

How long could I expect them to last?
This is dependent on many factors, including how they are cared for and the amount of time they are worn for each day. Although it is hard to speculate on longevity due to the above points, the garments are made using top quality Italian fabric and carry a two year warranty.

Do they come in other colour versions?
At the moment they are available in two colourways, one for women and the other for men, both influenced by our top swimmers.

Can a woman buy the male colourway option if the measurements come up the same?
No, this is not an option. The women’s version is designed to fit a woman’s body, as the compression is applied accordingly.