Elite Hand Paddle

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90% Polyethylene 10% Thermoplastic Rubber


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This flat hand paddle is perfect for building strength and improving on stroke technique. Large centre hole for maximum feel of water.

- Flat design for improving stroke technique and building strength
- Smooth edge for safety in the pool. Lowers the risk of injuring a fellow swimmer
- Multiple strap positioning for a custom fit
- Large center hole allows a great feel of the water, as well as the pressure applied to it

Elite Hand Paddle

Hand paddles are used in different drills to give you more surface to push against, to give you more resistance in the water, to give you more speed, and more power.

Elite hand paddle is completely flat, so it's easier to control under water, to enter in the water, and to control during the pull. There is a large hole in the middle giving you a full feeling of water.