Get a great feel of the water and a stronger workout with arena's Flex Paddles. Utilizing a mesh design, these paddles prevent hand slippage while offering optimum pressure distribution around the hands. The ability for one to still feel the water while developing ones catch makes these paddles great for technique and drill work.

- Stronger workout due to better water resistance
- Optimum pressure distribution around hands
- Hands fit firmly and don't slip in the water
- Great water feel
Gender Woman, Man
Product-ID 1E554

Material composition

60% Polyester 20% Silicone 15% Metal 5% Polyamide

Flex Paddles

Upper body workout

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Flex Paddle

The flex paddle is a new type of paddle designed by arena. It made of a polyester mesh material that's very soft and it's going to form to your hands so you're going to have full feeling in the water. 

It's also going to give you more resistance in the water because the water will have to go through all the little holes of the mesh material.