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Introducing the arena Diamonds collection, together we shine brighter.

Swim at your maximum potential on game day in our Powerskin Carbon Core FX women’s racing swimsuit. Our newly developed kneeskin empowers your performance with a layered design. Outside, our Carbon Cage technology intensely compresses specific muscle groups with a locked-in feel.

Parallel lines of taping along the back of the legs help hold the body high in the water. Internal taping and carbon band lining add powerful support and core stability. To enhance range of motion, the lining is separated right below the chest. Finished with a closed back.

The Carbon Core FX is the race suit of choice for Sarah Sjöström.

Gender Woman
Product-ID 005641

Material composition

52% Polyamide 47% Elastane 1% Carbon Fiber

Care Instructions

In order to ensure that your Arena swimsuit provides you with the best possible performance for a long time to come, we recommend you take the following precautions:

  • rinse immediately after use, in non-chlorinated water;
  • do not leave the wet swimsuit in a bag or other container for a long time;
  • do not expose the wet swimsuit in a bag or other container to direct sunlight;
  • wash with detergents suitable for delicate clothes;
  • air-dry away from heat sources.

Follow the washing instructions given on your product label.
The label provides useful symbols giving information on how to take best care of it.







Powerskin Carbon Core FX Diamonds Closed Back

Muscle compression Body stability Powerful performance

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Discover the new arena Diamonds Collection

Since its inception in 1973, the arena logo has been composed of three diamonds, the strongest, most resilient gem on earth. The word diamond derives from the Greek “adamas”, which means invincible, and in popular tradition, three diamonds together represent the past, present and future. Drawing inspiration from these origins, the collection symbolises the strength of the human spirit, the power to overcome difficult times, to be present in the moment, and to shine on in the future.