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How to look after your swim goggles

Swim gogglesSwim goggles

Swim goggles are your most faithful training friends, but you need to look after them. How do you do that?

After training at the pool, it is extremely important to unpack your bag and sort out its contents before tiredness overwhelms you. Taking a moment to calmly clean and put away your swimming accessories will ensure they last longer.


So, let’s see what you need to do to take care of your swimming goggles properly.

Swim goggles

To look after your goggles properly, remember to:

  • rinse them in tap water whenever you use them;
  • leave them to dry thoroughly (without touching the inside of the lenses).

Try not to touch the lenses too much with your fingers when rinsing your goggles so you do not damage the antifog surface. Likewise, do not push your goggles up onto your forehead when taking a break or swimming, because sweat and heat can reduce the antifog effect: if you stop, take off your goggles and put them away, making sure the insides of the lenses are exposed to air.

To prevent them from being scratched, place them in a hard case, such as arena’s universal, reusable Goggle Case.

What to do if your goggles mist up

If your swim goggles are misting up too much, the antifog surface might be wearing off. This is a very thin and delicate layer and how long it lasts depends on various factors, including:

  • how often you use them;
  • the amount of chlorine in the water;
  • salt;
  • sweat;
  • the water conditions in general;
  • looking after and caring for your goggles.

How can you repair the antifog surface of your goggles?

  • arena Antifog Spray&Swim: this anti-fog spray works for all arena goggles; just spray a small amount on the inside lenses before training without having to wait for it to take effect or even rinse your goggles. The antifog effect will last through the entire session!
  • Swipe Technology: if you have racing goggles from the SWIPE range, you will need to dip your goggles in water and rub your fingers over the lenses. The antifog surface on these goggles is much more effective and hardwearing. It is automatically reactivated and repaired whenever you clean the lenses. Nevertheless, do not forget you should only rub your goggles with your fingers when they start to mist up.