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How to choose a racing swimsuit for juniors

arena’s racing line of children’s swimsuits guarantees maximum comfort thanks to the very best technology. Let’s take a look!

Children’s swimsuits: what to wear for a race?

arena has designed a range of children’s racing suits based around the same innovation and comfort used for Elite swimmers.

Featuring the same attention to detail and same eye-catching design as the swimsuits for adults, the children’s racing suits meet the needs of future champions. There is just one difference: the JUNIOR Powerskin models do not feature Carbon technology, which is been designed exclusively for adult swimmers.

What racing suit does arena market for children?

arena has designed a special model for young swimmers taking part in races for the first time, the Powerskin ST Next for girls and the Powerskin ST Next for boys, which are replicas of the corresponding adult models.

Engineered to offer the perfect balance of compression and ease of use, our Powerskin ST Next is the first-ever competitive tech suit to include recycled fabric in its design. 60% of the yarns in the fabric composition were sourced from pre- and post-consumer waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

This updated version of the ST is more durable and 20% lighter, absorbing less water and reducing drag. The upgraded fabric of ST NEXT has improved elasticity, which makes it easier and quicker to get on and off than other racing suits, while still providing good, targeted compression.

Useful tips for choosing a swimsuit for juniors

Racing suits fit differently from training suits because a racing suit is designed to fit tightly. Of course, young swimmers’ bodies are still growing and everybody is different, so you need to choose a size based on the physique, height and muscularity of these very young athletes.

Consult the official product sizing chart and compare the swimmer’s measurements with those given on the chart.

Try to find the right size. Even if your boy/girl is growing, we advise against buying a larger size, because a swimsuit that fits too loosely will let in water, not perform as effectively and create friction while swimming.

When is the right time to buy a children’s racing suit?

Our junior racing suits range from size 6-7 years to size 12-13 years. In the case of very young swimmers, we suggest consulting a coach to decide the right moment to buy a child their first swimsuit.

It is worth remembering that in some countries tech suits may not be permitted for very young athletes. This is to allow them to focus more on technique and training without allowing any kind of technological innovation in materials to affect their performance. Please refer to the regulations of your Country's Swimming Federation for clarification.

Bearing in mind, of course, that every growing body is different and the physique, height and muscularity of young athletes needs to be taken into consideration, generally speaking both young boys and girls around the age of 13 should consider buying a swimsuit in an adult size.