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How to choose the right women’s swimsuit for you

How to choose a swimsuit, tips for keen swimmers

arena swimsuits can adapt to the needs and requirements of both beginners and more experienced swimmers, but it is extremely important to learn how to look after them!

You need to take various things into consideration when choosing a training suit. How often you swim and how well the swimsuit fits are two of the most important. Let’s take a look in greater detail!

Training suit: how often you swim

How often you go to the pool is a key factor in deciding which swimsuit to choose. It needs to be taken into account when deciding which material or fabric your swimsuit is made of. For example, more regular swimmers will need a more durable fabric.


  • If you go to the pool less than twice-a-week, choose a swimsuit made of MaxFit fabric that is extremely soft and comfortable against the skin due to the spandex (Lycra) it contains, which makes you feel so comfortable in the water.
  • If you swim twice-a-week or more or if you train hard, choose a swimsuit made of This fabric is made from a special blend of very high-quality polyester that offers incredibly high resistance to chlorine, scratching and pilling.

How your training suit fits

The dilemma is how much coverage you want! Here again, your choice should be based on your personal preference and what kind of swimmer you are.


  • If you like plenty of freedom of movement, choose a swimsuit for training with thin shoulder straps, a high leg cut and open back.
  • If you prefer a swimsuit that provides more support and covers more skin, then choose a suit with wide shoulder straps that is more closed at the back and not so high cut.

arena women's swimwear

One final but no less important factor is the choice of colours. Whether you prefer solid colours or patterns, the important thing is that it matches your personality, so you are comfortable while training, look stylish and feel more energised.


Choosing the right training suit is just the first step, next you need to learn how to look after it. How do I look after my swimsuit properly?


  • Rinse it thoroughly in cold water every time you use it to wash off the chlorine. Do not use a washing machine or dryer and never wash it with a detergent.
  • Leave it to dry outdoors away from the sunlight or direct heat sources.
  • Never leave a wet swimsuit in your kit bag or any other zipped bag.
  • Keep it away from body lotions or creams that could damage the elastic fibre.


What to do if your swimsuit wears out after very little usage?

  • Make sure you look after your swimsuit properly after swimming.
  • Be careful to choose the right fabric: if you swim regularly, buy a training suit made of MaxLife fabric which is more resistant to the harmful effects of chlorine.