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Optimize storage and streamline your transport needs with an arena bag for men. The versatile collection includes duffles, cross-body bags, backpacks, trolleys, belt bags, totes, and sacks. Smart space management designs allow you to access items at a glance. With a range of technologies such as moisture control or padded straps, you’re sure to find a bag that fits your needs and activities!

  1. Spiky III Duffle 40 L
    • New Arrival
    Spiky III Duffle 40 L
    As low as NOK387.00
  2. Arena Raincover Backpack
    Arena Raincover Backpack
    As low as NOK160.00
  3. Fastpack 2.2 Allover
    Fastpack 2.2 Allover
    As low as NOK630.00 Regular Price NOK899.00
  4. Team Sack Allover
    Team Sack Allover
    As low as NOK190.00 Regular Price NOK266.00
  5. Team XL Cargo
    Team XL Cargo
    As low as NOK1,582.00
  6. Fast Urban 3.0 Backpack
    Fast Urban 3.0 Backpack
    As low as NOK639.00
  7. Team Cabin Trolley
    Team Cabin Trolley
    As low as NOK1,330.00
  8. Fastpack 2.2
    Fastpack 2.2
    As low as NOK650.00 Regular Price NOK796.00
  9. Team Backpack 45
    Team Backpack 45
    As low as NOK603.00
  10. Team Duffle 40 Big Logo
    Team Duffle 40 Big Logo
    As low as NOK426.00
  11. Team Backpack 30
    Team Backpack 30
    As low as NOK370.00
  12. arena Bishamon Team Backpack 45
  13. arena Bishamon Team Swimbag
    arena Bishamon Team Swimbag
    As low as NOK162.00
  14. Team Duffle 40
    Team Duffle 40
    As low as NOK423.00
  15. Team Pocket Bag All Black
    Team Pocket Bag All Black
    As low as NOK212.00
  16. Icons Large Cylinder
    Icons Large Cylinder
    As low as NOK1,173.00
  17. Icons Backpack
    Icons Backpack
    As low as NOK1,066.00
  18. Allover Fast Shoulder Bag
    Allover Fast Shoulder Bag
    As low as NOK520.00
  19. Icons Midi Cylinder
    Icons Midi Cylinder
    As low as NOK1,060.00
  20. Team Duffle 25
    Team Duffle 25
    As low as NOK318.00
  21. Team Backpack 30 Allover
    Team Backpack 30 Allover
    As low as NOK278.00 Regular Price NOK398.00
  22. Team Backpack 45 Allover
    Team Backpack 45 Allover
    As low as NOK490.00 Regular Price NOK688.00
  23. Team Backpack 30 All-Black
    Team Backpack 30 All-Black
    As low as NOK398.00
  24. Fast Hybrid 55
    Fast Hybrid 55
    As low as NOK700.00
  25. Team Duffle 25 Big Logo
    Team Duffle 25 Big Logo
    As low as NOK320.00
  26. Fast Tote All-Black
    Fast Tote All-Black
    As low as NOK746.00
  27. Fast shoulder bag All-Black
    Fast shoulder bag All-Black
    As low as NOK480.00
  28. Team Cross-body bag
    Team Cross-body bag
    As low as NOK150.00