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Glide through the open water in an arena wetsuit for women. The collection features varying levels of arm and leg coverage, triathlon-specific pieces that allow for fast transitions, and a wetsuit with revolutionary shark attack mitigation technology. With increased buoyancy and core stability across the entire range, experience exceptional support as you dive into your next open water adventure. 

  1. Women's SAMS Carbon Wetsuit
    Women's SAMS Carbon Wetsuit
    As low as CHF420.99 Regular Price CHF648.00
  2. Women's Triwetsuit Carbon Sleveless
    Women's Triwetsuit Carbon Sleveless
    As low as CHF351.99 Regular Price CHF540.00
  3. Women's Triwetsuit Sleeveless
    Women's Triwetsuit Sleeveless
    As low as CHF189.99 Regular Price CHF291.00
  4. Women’s Swim Wetsuit
    Women’s Swim Wetsuit
    As low as CHF149.99 Regular Price CHF230.00
  5. Women's Triathlon Wetsuit Carbon
    Women's Triathlon Wetsuit Carbon
    As low as CHF385.99 Regular Price CHF594.00
  6. Women's Triathlon Wetsuit
    Women's Triathlon Wetsuit
    As low as CHF229.99 Regular Price CHF355.00
  7. Neoprene Jammer
    Neoprene Jammer
    As low as CHF114.50 Regular Price CHF162.00