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From workouts, to travel, to the streets - arena’s collection of bags for women has pieces to carry you through all of life’s activities. The selection of backpacks, crossbody bags, trolleys, duffels, belt bags and totes utilize multipurpose designs to maximize storage and accessibility. Fit your bag to your needs with features like comfort straps or waterproof compartments. Available in a range of sizes and hues, so you can stay on-the-go in style!

  1. Team 45 Backpack - Let It Beat Collection
    • Web Exclusive
    Team 45 Backpack - Let It Beat Collection
    As low as CHF85.50
  2. Arena Raincover Backpack
    Arena Raincover Backpack
    As low as CHF16.99
  3. Fastpack 2.2 Allover
    Fastpack 2.2 Allover
    As low as CHF65.00 Regular Price CHF92.00
  4. Team Sack Allover
    Team Sack Allover
    As low as CHF18.90 Regular Price CHF27.00
  5. Team XL Cargo
    Team XL Cargo
    As low as CHF167.50
  6. Fast Urban 3.0 Backpack
    Fast Urban 3.0 Backpack
    As low as CHF65.00
  7. arena Avnier Drybag
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Drybag
    As low as CHF51.10 Regular Price CHF73.00
  8. arena Avnier Crossbody
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Crossbody
    As low as CHF23.80 Regular Price CHF34.00
  9. Team Cabin Trolley
    Team Cabin Trolley
    As low as CHF135.00
  10. Arena Belt Bag
    Arena Belt Bag
    As low as CHF16.50
  11. arena Bishamon Team Swimbag
  12. Icons Large Cylinder
    Icons Large Cylinder
    As low as CHF119.00
  13. Icons Midi Box Bag
    Icons Midi Box Bag
    As low as CHF97.50
  14. Icons Bowling Bag
    Icons Bowling Bag
    As low as CHF97.50
  15. Icons Midi Cylinder
    Icons Midi Cylinder
    As low as CHF108.00
  16. Team Duffle 40
    Team Duffle 40
    As low as CHF44.00
  17. Fastpack 2.2
    Fastpack 2.2
    As low as CHF77.99 Regular Price CHF88.00
  18. Icons Backpack
    Icons Backpack
    As low as CHF108.00
  19. Team Backpack 30
    Team Backpack 30
    As low as CHF38.00
  20. Icons Mini Box Bag
    Icons Mini Box Bag
    As low as CHF86.50
  21. Team Backpack 45
    Team Backpack 45
    As low as CHF65.00
  22. Fast Shoulder Bag
    Fast Shoulder Bag
    As low as CHF33.99 Regular Price CHF48.00
  23. Team Duffle 25
    Team Duffle 25
    As low as CHF32.50
  24. Team Backpack 30 Allover
    Team Backpack 30 Allover
    As low as CHF30.99 Regular Price CHF44.00
  25. Team Pocket Bag All Black
    Team Pocket Bag All Black
    As low as CHF22.00
  26. Allover Fast Shoulder Bag
    Allover Fast Shoulder Bag
    As low as CHF54.00
  27. Team Backpack 45 Allover
    Team Backpack 45 Allover
    As low as CHF51.00 Regular Price CHF71.00
  28. Fast Tote All-Black
    Fast Tote All-Black
    As low as CHF76.00