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You deserve training gear that goes the extra mile like you do. arena’s equipment for men was created with functionality and performance in mind to complement your workouts, both in and out of the water. The collection of swim goggles, swim caps, training tools, footwear, bags, bathrobes & towels is available in a range of colours and designs and offers long-lasting quality to support even your most rigorous workouts!

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  1. Hiccup Towel
    Hiccup Towel
    As low as CHF29.00
  2. Arena Raincover Backpack
    Arena Raincover Backpack
    As low as CHF16.99
  3. Icons Drying Hood
    Icons Drying Hood
    As low as CHF27.00
  4. Team Backpack 30 All-Black
    Team Backpack 30 All-Black
    As low as CHF38.50
  5. Team Duffle 25 All-Black
    Team Duffle 25 All-Black
    As low as CHF32.50
  6. Team Cabin Trolley
    Team Cabin Trolley
    As low as CHF135.00
  7. Team XL Cargo
    Team XL Cargo
    As low as CHF167.50
  8. Icons Poncho
    Icons Poncho
    As low as CHF60.00
  9. Silicone Cap - Pride Logo Collection
    • Web Exclusive
    Silicone Cap - Pride Logo Collection
    As low as CHF14.50
  10. Icons Parka Robe
    Icons Parka Robe
    As low as CHF70.50
  11. Team Sack
    Team Sack
    As low as CHF22.00
  12. Team Duffle 40 All-Black
    Team Duffle 40 All-Black
    As low as CHF43.50
  13. arena Bishamon Silicone Cap
    arena Bishamon Silicone Cap
    As low as CHF10.50 Regular Price CHF12.95
  14. Mario Slides
    Mario Slides
    As low as CHF25.00
  15. arena Avnier Slide
    • Web Exclusive
    arena Avnier Slide
    As low as CHF39.50 Regular Price CHF56.00
  16. Urban Sandals
    Urban Sandals
    As low as CHF27.00
  17. Waterlight Sandals
    Waterlight Sandals
    As low as CHF19.00
  18. Zeppelin Light Bathrobe
    Zeppelin Light Bathrobe
    As low as CHF54.50
  19. Hydrosoft II Sandals
    Hydrosoft II Sandals
    As low as CHF19.00
  20. Allover Fast Shoulder Bag
    Allover Fast Shoulder Bag
    As low as CHF54.00
  21. Fastpack 2.2
    Fastpack 2.2
    As low as CHF86.50
  22. Team 45 Backpack - Let It Beat Collection
    • Web Exclusive
    Team 45 Backpack - Let It Beat Collection
    As low as CHF85.50
  23. Soft Poncho II
    Soft Poncho II
    As low as CHF65.00
  24. Fastpack 2.2 Allover
    Fastpack 2.2 Allover
    As low as CHF64.50 Regular Price CHF92.00
  25. Moulded Pro II Racing Cap
    Moulded Pro II Racing Cap
    As low as CHF11.00
  26. Team Sack Allover
    Team Sack Allover
    As low as CHF19.50 Regular Price CHF27.00