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  1. Watergrip Junior Sandals
    Watergrip Junior Sandals
    As low as CHF22.00
  2. Sprint Junior Goggles
    Sprint Junior Goggles
    As low as CHF14.50 Regular Price CHF18.50
  3. Friends Poncho Kids
    Friends Poncho Kids
    As low as CHF32.50
  4. Arena Flip Flops Junior
    Arena Flip Flops Junior
    As low as CHF16.50
  5. Spider Kids Swim Mask
    Spider Kids Swim Mask
    As low as CHF22.00
  6. Spider Kids Swim goggles
    Spider Kids Swim goggles
    As low as CHF13.50
  7. Team Backpack 30 All-Black
    Team Backpack 30 All-Black
    As low as CHF38.50
  8. Team Duffle 25 All-Black
    Team Duffle 25 All-Black
    As low as CHF32.50
  9. Team Cabin Trolley
    Team Cabin Trolley
    As low as CHF135.00
  10. Team XL Cargo
    Team XL Cargo
    As low as CHF167.50
  11. Softy Junior Slide Sandals
    Softy Junior Slide Sandals
    As low as CHF19.00
  12. The One Mask Jr
    The One Mask Jr
    As low as CHF25.00
  13. Zeppelin Light Junior Bathrobe
  14. Team Sack
    Team Sack
    As low as CHF22.00
  15. Team Duffle 40 All-Black
    Team Duffle 40 All-Black
    As low as CHF43.50
  16. Spider Youth Mirror Goggle
    Spider Youth Mirror Goggle
    As low as CHF20.00
  17. Team Swimbag
    Team Swimbag
    As low as CHF11.00
  18. Tracks Junior Mirror Goggles
  19. Bubble 3 Junior Goggles
    Bubble 3 Junior Goggles
    As low as CHF9.50 Regular Price CHF11.00
  20. Waterlight Junior Sandals
    Waterlight Junior Sandals
    As low as CHF17.50
  21. Zeppelin Light Kids Bathrobe
  22. Junior Smartcap
    Junior Smartcap
    As low as CHF16.50
  23. Allover Fast Shoulder Bag
    Allover Fast Shoulder Bag
    As low as CHF54.00
  24. Fastpack 2.2
    Fastpack 2.2
    As low as CHF86.50
  25. Core Soft Bathrobe Junior
    Core Soft Bathrobe Junior
    As low as CHF57.00
  26. Print Junior Cap
    Print Junior Cap
    As low as CHF12.00